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Online il contributo di Maria Della Lucia ad AISRe 2012


La dott.ssa Maria Della Lucia ha presentato alla XXXIII Conferenza scientifica annuale AISRe (Associazione Italiana di Scienze Regionali) un contributo dal titolo "Bridging Internal and External Issues Related to Knowledge Sharing: A Service-Dominant Logic Perspective". Il contributo è stato presentato nella sessione "What governance for territorial cohesion toward Europe 2020". Di seguito si riporta l'abstract dell'articolo, scritto assieme a Mariapina Triunfo e Frank Go. "In the wake of the financial crisis the destination regeneration debate for achieving sustainable tourism development requires the definition of an appropriate governance system, the establishment of a critical mass of local stakeholders and procedures for effective decision making aimed at balancing economic, environmental and socio-cultural assets and interests. This paper examines one of the most innovative contributions to the regeneration debate by Vargo and Lush’s “(2004)” Service-Dominant Logic and its foundational premises. It leverages social capital to establish an embedded destination governance model thus transforming destination’s government, enterprises and civil society into resource integrators. The latter provide social support for the effective development of interdependent knowledge and skills networks, offering tourists value propositions and achieving a sustainable cooperative advantage. This approach is applied in rural marginal areas of Trentino, Italy, to establish new territorial governance models able to support local development by a value cocreation process."

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