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Riconoscimento per un paper del gruppo presentato al BEST EN Think Tank XII


Il paper "Integrated Planning of Sustainable Tourism and Mobility. An Exploratory Study", scritto da Anna Scutari, Maria Della Lucia ed Umberto Martini, è stato premiato come second best paper del convegno BEST EN Think Tank XII: Mobilities and Sustainable Tourism, tenutosi a Gréoux les Bains in Provenza dal 24 al 27 giugno. Il paper è stato inoltre selezionato e sottoposto per lo special issue "Mobility and Sustainable Tourism" del Journal of sustainable tourism. Di seguito si riporta l'abstract dell'articolo (in inglese): "Emerging tourist market trends are pushing destinations to consider mobility an essential strategic component of sustainable tourism planning. Destination Management needs to use tourism mobility analysis systematically if it wants to seize the opportunity and face the challenge of implementing effective strategies for sustainable transport and tourism. This paper introduces an innovative methodology for the analysis of tourist traffic components which can be used to assess their environmental impact and develop appropriate measures to manage mobility. The methodology has been implemented in South Tyrol, a province with the capacity to pioneer sustainable tourism initiatives and mobility measures. These measures seem to be having a positive effect on tourist flows, both through the encouraging of sustainable behavior (carrot measures) and the discouraging of unsustainable behavior (stick measures)."

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